Camilla Susann Haug


If there’s any fairness in the world of music, Camilla Susann Haug should be given a lot of attention for this album. It clearly is quality pop music with jazz overtones that will be relevant for many years to come.

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Hus ved en fjord feat. Moddi

Camilla Susann Haug portrett


Camilla SUsann haug - Tusentrinnstrappa


2017, Echofisk

Camilla Susann haug - Noen ganger blått

Noen ganger blått

2007, Kirkelig kulturverksted

Pust - Lengt etter lys

Lengt etter lys

2020, Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Lengt etter lys


2019, Unit Records

PUST - Huggu over vatn

Huggu over vatn

2017, Grappa

Lars Andreas Haug Band - Conrairo


2013, Curling legs

PUST - Fryktløs


2013, Grappa



Messing with Voice

"Lengt etter lys"

Camilla Susann Haug

"I will wait for you"

PUST on Beat for Beat

"Nyt stillheten"

PUST in Nidarosdomen


Camilla Susann Haug was born in the city Mo i Rana in the North of Norway in 1974. Now she lives in the South of Norway; in Arendal. In her latest solo album «Tusentrinnstrappa» (The Stair Of A Thousand Steps), she uses her Norwegian dialect from Mo i Rana and embraces memories from her childhood in the North as inspiration for the music.

She studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo the late nineties and has since then been performing and writing music. She released her debut album «Noen ganger blått» in 2007.

Inrecent years she has been an instrumental singer in the jazz ensemble "Lars Andreas Haug band»( and the tuba / vocal duo «Messing with voice (». She is also a soprano in the a cappella group «PUST»(

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